what is commonshare

Access to ALL medications

Provide prescription medication regardless of how good insurance is or what it may or may not cover.


We provide out-of-pocket cost for all drugs prior to dispensing for all we serve. If we can't save you money or obtain for free we will let you know ahead of time.


All earnings are given back to the community or directed back to support new or continuing programs.

If needed we will attempt to connect you with other community resources.

Community pharmacy

Commonshare maintains a fully licensed pharmacy under a Virginia resident permit.
We currently dispense in Virginia ONLY.
Permit #0201004918 NCPDP # 4850637
2026 Dabney Rd. Suite A Richmond, VA 23230
ph: 804.416.6255 fax: 804.967.3999

Outsourced Patient Assistance Program

We provide full scale patient assistance programs (PAP) with advocates and manufacturer drug recovery for other healthcare providers.


Previous beneficiary success #1

Referral received from social worker who was working with a patient who was applying for Medicare disability due to recent Parkinson diagnosis. She couldn't work and didn't have any insurance because she had to leave work due to her medical conditions. She was on 8 medications that she hadn't been able to afford and had stop taking them. We used the Commonshare cares program to garner eligiblity for free medications and then reconciled all the orders from the neurologist and primary care physician. All medications were delivered directly to her home.

Previous beneficiary success #2

An Essential worker who struggled with diabetes for years due to the cost of insulin and health insurance insecurity. This person could be classified as ALICE individual because they made too much for Medicaid but not enough to make ends meet. Commonshare was able to get this proud individual eligible for our free insulin program. Having access to insulin totally changed their life as they could focus on health and wholeness instead of rationing and stressing about paying for healthcare.

Previous beneficiary success #3

Patient in the coverage gap. 34 y/o Female with Multiple Sclerosis, receives $21K a year from disability and has a 6 y/o child. Unable to keep a full-time job due to her MS symptoms but is starting a new job Monday b/c the $21K isn't enough to live on. She has a high deductible Medicare Advantage plan where she owes $4K out of pocket. She just switched over from basic Medicare A & B. She gets a Tysabri infusion every month and owes $1200 for each one until she hits her $4000.  Unfortunately, she makes too much for Medicaid expansion, even with 2 people in her household.  She takes Lyrica and some other medications and can't afford them every month either.  She is functionally uninsured as an underinsured patient.  BTW she is also $17K in debt to the local hospital. We are signing her up for the Medicare extra help programs as well as getting her Tysabri for free (even with Medicare) then come  open enrollment we will switch her to a better program and then get her premiums paid for.

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